2013 Hermes Festival des Metiers

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If you never listen to the the caress whispers between the leather and the stitching, they will not understand a complicated process for leather products was born; If you have never felt the gorgeous dyes and soft satin intertwined disseminated, they can not understand one of the gorgeous silk towel the Zoran unique charm …… Following the successfully held in Shanghai in November 2012, today, has a history of 176 years of French arts and crafts brand Hermes in under everyone looking forward to, carrying eight skilled craft-makers, its exclusive seven unique process to the Beijing China World Shopping Mall, and in this open the “2013 Hermes Festival des Metiers” sought through the scene of demonstrations and interactive, comprehensive and vivid to show the public the Hermes tradition for centuries, the extraordinary skill of the crafts at the same time once again confirms the brand since its founding in the endless pursuit of art and heritage permanent.
Hermes crafts festival “early into the scene, they attract immediate arrangement: a picture of the workbench patchwork forest where all kinds of tools and materials such as leather, needlework, satin or as works of art like static on the bench static placement, or graceful dance lightly in the hands of craftsmen. Artisans rich sense of rhythm action from time to time the appliance from the sound of the collision joy to remind people that belong to the time of Hermes started. In this seemingly ordinary moments, a one to attain perfect work of art born out; artisans focus figure also seems to tell people their Hermes, a deep love for crafts.
Seven Hermes craft show in the field, and saddle making process is particularly outstanding, it highlights Hermes crafts hall broad and deep. Hermes started to make the harness back in 1837 and have been in Paris opened its first saddle and harness hand workshop, has been well-known for its meticulous choice of materials and production. Saddle with exceptional quality, made in order to be able to make to the artisans usually need 8-10 months of the parts of the leather saddle wings tanning, in order to improve the texture of the leather to make it more resilient; and the the saddle use of pigskin you need to go through the plant tanning to obtain elegant sheen; saddle leather the gum arabic edging added leather waterproof protective layer; reinforced stitching, that Hermes saddle sutures, beeswax linen thread, hand-completed. It bestowed rugged Hermes saddle renowned 170 years.
From raw hides and skins to the clinker production line crafted, a fur products to go through more than 200 Road intricate process, in order to become a gorgeous and refined, the structured leather products. This is Hermes’s leather-making process behind the unique charm. Corner of the exhibition, the leather-making artisans sat behind the workbench, semi-finished products of a Malletina package is static placed in her lap, precision suture shuttling back and forth between the leather, fine pin caress in this back and forth between solidly embedded bags. As the origin of the brand was founded, the leather into the source of inspiration of the House of Hermes. Excellent quality leather raw materials and carefully selected sutures walk in the hands of the leather goods division, from shearing to sew, flip, polishing and beading, all the leather craftsmen who produced more than just simple bags production is more polished and carved piece of art.
Got up and moved on, the screen seems vaguely heard the watch ticking Ruoyouruowu craftsmen carefully with Tweezer flick of the hands of the parts of the watch, it can not help but hold your breath but could not resist leaning over fine exploration this watchmaking wonderful. Over the years, Hermes has been the pursuit of watchmaking excellence, in addition to the various types of movement to be brought together, for the production of core components of the watch, also broke consistent watchmaking concept, try using the advanced technology, so that the watch has a non- the same general characteristics. A Arceau such as the latest full calendar month watch, its subtlety is that the transparent caseback just reflects the operation phase of the moon module, matched on the Geneva Microhyla arc, polished and vortex pattern modification process, greatly enhance the appreciation of the fun of the wearer. Another newly launched Cape Cod junior-pin single calendar watches, Hermes classic “anchor chain” inspired, equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement, simplicity and abundance in the meaning of elegant gentleman essential choice .
Then light again flow at a brisk pace to lead the people came not far from another table, under the dim light in a Table, craftsmen are soft to the hands of that one is nearing completion cotton shirt embroidered with ‘s name. Exclusive custom for Hermes, in fact, is the one night of the costumes look forward to a nice ring, it is bound to find their place in a person’s life, and then accompanied him till eternity. Hermes, artisans per custom a shirt, will be the guests carefully measuring twelve data and fabrics from around the world as an alternative, more visible or invisible details of decision by the guests. Time flies, Hermes workshop will save a certain amount of material to provide replacement and refurbishment services for custom shirts. As a commitment to excellent exclusive custom brand, Hermes trying to provide unlimited possibilities for guests exclusive custom features to maximize.
Somewhat similar to that presented by other workbench tie production with the original intention of the custom shirts. Tie usually inadvertently classified as accessories category, but the for Hermes terms, it is by no means irrelevant attachments. Hermes tie is available in 1949, a Hermes tie by quality silk woven, sometimes mixed with raw materials such as wool or cashmere to create soft, delicate hand-sewn and elegant style and attractive. The tie production craftsmen to provide customers with diversified and personalized attentive service, on a Faconnee H tie, Hermes will be able to provide customers with more than one thousand kinds of color choices. In addition to color, the customer can also decide to tie the models.
Marvel Hermes for the customer attentive service while, it is better to return a product for artistic creation burst out endless enthusiasm. Scarves plate-making process can be described as a party scarf must pass through the birth process. Party Hermes scarf from the topic, through the processes of design, color, plate, coloring, hand-beading, before and after the take over 18 months. When the pattern is determined, sincere artists each color in the scarf patterns are marked with a template, the pattern in every detail turn painting into a transparent sheet of paper to ensure that all colors are superimposed on a predetermined position correctly , formed in a predetermined pattern. This complex process, in addition to the time-consuming need more plate division high degree of patience and acumen color, similar to the production of Chinese prints.

According to statistics, a scarf platemaking takes about 600 hours. Scarf platemaking process, artisans began scarf color printing. Each scarf usually contains 30-45 colors, 75,000 color choices. Each scarf each on a color, ranging from one hour to one month time to dry it, and then printing and dyeing 2 colors. After so complicated printing process, one beautiful Hermes scarf was born, during which the combination of the artisans how much effort, and I am afraid that only personal experience can appreciate. Side scarf is also Hermes to the heritage of the traditional art of the highest pay tribute to a true portrayal of the pursuit of a perfect process.
In order to better interpret the brand spirit and culture of Hermes176 years, the event set a special public open day link, visit the March 1, 2013 to 2013, 11:00 – 19:00 ( Beijing China World Shopping Mall underground floor atrium, close to the Hermes store). About the essence of Hermes handicrafts, the movie documentary “Hearts and Crafts” will be concurrently broadcast in Beijing Guomao three Paragon theater. Movie vivid and true record artisans to complete the process of every product and deep emotional Hermes process. The public can also view exhibitions date directly in the field to receive tickets for the movie “Hearts and Crafts”.
Hermes crafts festival as an art and perfect process to attain encounter, it not only highlights the brand more than a century to uphold the elegant style also reflects the profound charm of all the unique process, even more convinced that, Hermes For the pursuit of perfection and insistence on quality will experience the test of time and become more and more attractive.

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Louis Vuitton 2013 spring summer Alma handbags

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Film Festival focus Bingbing endorsement by Chinese the popular photographer Chen Man screen,Louis Vuitton Alma handbag series launched in 2013 spring and summer new 12 kinds of rainbow colors, including mint green figs purple, red berries and green peppersgreen, bright lemon yellow, green lake, cocoa color with rock gray and so on, do not miss Hello ladies love Louis Vuitton Epi the water ripples leather series!

The Fan Bingbing Queen Louis Vuitton 2013 spring summer Alma handbags launched a new rainbow color the Alma package shall series of elegant color with the passage of time and leave at the end of the handle and the bag rawhide material, comfortable cylindrical handle, sturdy riveted handle stickers piece, traditional saddle needle stitched characteristics, so the classic the Alma handbag can stand the test of time, and Virginie Courtin Clarins addition to the brand ambassador for Fan Bingbing carry often appeared fashion Week occasion, the French ladies also repeatedly Street beat capture the love series handbags, Louis Vuitton Epi water ripples.

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Chanel 2.55 Series Bags classic elegance and stylish charm

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In February 1955, Ms Chanel introduced a handbag, a revolution in the world of luxury. Chanel 2.55 Series Bags, named after the time of its birth, today, is still synonymous with elegance and unique taste.
The Ms. Chanel keenly aware of a new era, women have to be both a successful career and the heavy family life, fly out of official business and driving with his family travel, traditional Wristlet has become obsolete. Boldly quoted the design of the shoulder strap through the metal chain with leather or smooth metal chain, has dramatically changed the habit of ladies handbags. She launched a lambskin style two styles: the daytime as well as evening wear silk or Jersey knit fabric handbags. The lozenge design she was inspired to become one of the brand’s eternal mark by the Jockey knight jacket. 2.55 handbag beauty and utility both delicate inner pocket of the inner layer can be placed lipstick, intricately handmade lining, and coincides with the appearance of luxury, to achieve both inside and outside the realm of beauty.
Chanel handbags still uphold the tradition of perfect detail and craftsmanship purpose, adhere find inspiration between tradition and modernity. Whether with jeans, suits or evening gowns are highly stylized, and can meet the needs of all ages. Each year, the brand will launch more than 30 new models, composed of a total of seven series. Symbol of French luxury representative works produced in factories located outside of Paris.
The gesture of independent, modern women, Ms. Chanel stressed elegant free aesthetic proposition, creating a series of elegant and modern practicality, detail design, and has since become a timeless classic. Metal chain belt, lozenge, smile pockets, original square buckle … classic Chanel 2.55 Bags perfect blend of visual appeal and practical function, every exquisite detail fashion a model can not be copied. Smallest pocket to place a Chanel lipstick, because Ms. Chanel lipstick. Never go out.
Each season, Karl Lagerfeld breakthrough classic, the surprise everyone without a break, he designed handbags have classic features of the Chanel brand, but repeated innovations. Chanel 2.55 bags is a real treasure, through the test of time, and to lead the trend ─ ─ unique double C logo continue to write down the brand gorgeous timeless legend.
Chanel 2.55 Bags, chain belt has become lozenge derived different brand two classic markers, times change. Fine leather and wood inlay work, silk printing, tweed or leather decorated with metal rivets, soft sheepskin, classic beige or charming pink, Chanel handbags on the shape, texture and color to continually strive to innovation, filling extraordinary taste.
Chanel handbag is a fun and creative design premise, the traditional fusion advanced technology, to create a stunning style with superb craftsmanship of each workshop. For example, retaining only the sculpture shape statue handbags, pearl handbags, criss-crossing the lozenge or gilded leather wear chain formation of the framework of the water bottle bags, embroidered on the wide variety of lucky signs tweed handbags, printed double C logo scarves decorated with woven baskets handbags are creative surprise for Pentium.
Gold, pearls and sequins, no amount of decoration is not an exaggeration, Chanel handbags will always make gorgeous flashes at night. A design ideas but never lost the style of the classic Chanel brand handbags, along with all the celebrities in the hotel or to participate in the red carpet event always presents a wonderful dream world. Golden lozenge shaped gorgeous rock guitar equipped with leather wear chain shoulder strap handbag; inlaid crystal beads, candy color pink vanity case, or yellowish Shop cotton shoulder bag, as well as countless sequins embroidered small handbag, stylish alive, interpretation of the ladies and the ultimate pursuit of style.
Each season, Karl Lagerfeld continued to give the new face for Chanel two-tone. Handbags decorated with glossy sense meticulous classic leather wear chain, for example, or in lozenge handbag to add oriental elements. It is the fusion of two extreme contrast, the brand forever magical charm.
Chanel 2.55 Bags is akin to a chameleon, day or night, the streets in the city or to the beach, wear jeans or a custom suit, with fur or a little black dress, filling properly, excellent results, it quickly became the aristocratic ladies of intimate partner, such as Jacqueline Kennedy Jackie Kennedy or Romy Schneider Romy Schneider, as well as the recent Diane Kruger Diane Kruger and Kirsten Dunst Kirsten Dunst. It is more than a symbol of the era, spanning 55 years, remains timeless evergreen.

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Louis Vuitton Alma Series Handbags

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Louis Vuitton Alma series was released in 1992, but it was in 1934, Graston Vuitton Squire Bag shown in the series of design prototypes. From then on, it gradually evolved into a rounded appearance. Alma, the name comes from “Place de l’Alma” one heart site in Paris, France, where the Seine and Michel de Montaigne Avenue intersects a street name, Alma handbag handle design of rounded, feel comfortable, natural leather and decades of carefully crafted makes this handbag reveals the classic beauty. In many cities in handbags, you absolutely will be able to recognize her style at a glance. Alma design is full of elegance and classic beauty, is the preferred urban women no doubt.
Alma handbag is one of the classic Louis Vuitton Handbags. Her prototype from 1934, authored by Mr Gaston Wyndham’s Squire Bag bag in 1955, this bag is to redefine and changed its name to Champs-Elysees bags; in 1992, after some re-creation, belong to the official debut of the modern girl Alma handbag.
The name
The word Alma from the Place de l’Alma Alma Plaza, located in the Centre of Paris Meng Tian Street junction with the Seine. And name the same strain, Alma handbag and simple elegance, unique.
For 20 years, Epi leather, Damier Ebene canvas check, Vernis patent leather … Different materials have different temperament gives this classic handbag. At the same time, Alma handbag brand Marc Jacobs, artistic director and master of New York graffiti artists such as Stephen Sprouse inspiration stimulated, constantly radiate new vitality. Launched in 2010, Alma MM larger size, more material and color choices and January 2013 upcoming Alma BB mini size, makes more complete family of Alma.
Handbags between:
Cylindrical handle: portable high comfort
Handle riveted patches: sturdy and strong
‘ The needle from the solid and reliable conventional suture technique
Double zipper design: easy to open
Shoulder belt buckle: casual match shoulder belt
End of handle and bag the use of leather material: as time goes by and leave the elegant color

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Louis Vuitton 2013 checkerboard pattern bags

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Louis Vuitton 2013 series bags are clean, even some of the single beyond all expectations, but look closely to understand Louis Vuitton boasts exquisite craft, mini sequined thousands of Huicheng streamer overflowing metallic surface, slightly larger beads with four pieces of equal way joint create subtle stereo feeling in the grid, tufting weave implementation in leather and fabric, as the effect of soft cotton wool. The fabric surface is studded with goose feather, and after carefully hand pruning, showing a be hardly worthy of belief and detailed grid lines and smooth texture. Seemingly simple chessboard pattern actually is the ultimate test of precision process. Each joint and detail to the building like precision, size error less than mm, superb technology, Louis Vuitton brand. Each grid edge must be joint completely coincide with the hand sewing, but sewing on the cloth is easy to make the surface slightly rough, so to accurately set aside minor blank, so as to avoid the checkerboard line misalignment. Preparation of leather has also been pressing processing, ensure uniform surface completely flat.

In recent years by the brand in the main push the classic Monogram pattern way, checkerboard printing became Louis Vuitton 2013 flagship. Even the classic Speedy Bag also decorated with checkerboard pattern, Louis Vuitton 2013 checkerboard pattern for the entire series with geometric patterns of interest.

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Louis Vuitton Leopard Series

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To mark Sprouse printed this season, White Lodge Director Anita Fontaine to re-imagining their avant-garde Visual art, to pay tribute to this great artist.
New York graffiti artist Stephen Sprouse Louis Vuitton Leopard print
To mark Sprouse printed this season, White Lodge Director Anita Fontaine to re-imagining their avant-garde Visual art, to pay tribute to this great artist.
In the micro-film, using a variety of image processing methods, including photocopying, television static, VHS footage and features unique treatment processes, such as printing, and so on, so as to inject vitality into the picture. Inspiration all of those approaches from Stephen Sprouse’s own creative experience.Films focused on showing the 2006 year of original printed works, as well as the latest Icon of classic women’s clothing in that quarter series and early autumn clothing, both with Stephen Sprouse accessories.
More information on Louis Vuitton x Stephen Sprouse cooperation
In 2000, the artistic director of make·yakebu in cooperation with New York graffiti artist Stephen Sprouse, reinvent the Louis Vuitton spring/summer 2001 collection. Stephen Sprouse is a former post-punk, decadent rock ‘ n ‘ roll (Grunge) artists and designers, with its 80 colours and graffiti prints with fluorescent paint.
Sarah Jacob invited Stephen Sprouse co-authoring some “cool and funky” works. Sprouse of the most praised is the use of photocopiers, copying and distorting with bright colors and full dynamic imaging, creating works of art. Legend has it that he was at the Sarah Jacob is about to come to Paris, on their hotel room television static screen with a rose-print digital inspiration.
After success in graffiti and rose prints, Stephen Sprouse was invited back by brand, its original Leopard print series for new cooperation. Cooperation was launched in 2006 after the death of the artist series, represents a tribute to the deeply respected artist, since then repeatedly appear in the Louis Vuitton accessories.
On the NEWS
The NEWS is Louis Vuitton exclusive e-magazine, through the Digital Universe to animation art displayed in the form of travel. Magazine providing readers with the Louis Vuitton all kinds of activities, products, values and stores and the world many travel and city information. Including taxi Adventures series of original video works, urban sex series and new series inspired by fashion film. The NEWS Magazine excellent unique, louisvuitton.com website constantly updated, brings a new experience for the reader, unexpected adventure and endless inspiration.
Louis Vuitton and digital media
Louis Vuitton “Louis Vuitton travel art” as its theme, was the first to launch digital communication strategy of full integration of luxury brands. In June 2009, it established official fan page on Facebook and Twitter where you have 6 official accounts, while Foursquare and YouTube also has exclusive channels.
In China, Louis Vuitton 2010 successfully establishes its own social networking platform, today microblog has nearly 350,000 fans; youku brand space viewed more than 12 million times; jiepang consolidates national 42 stores information, and supporting mobile device registration at any time. These three platforms together with the official website perfect Louis Vuitton 360-degree digital platform, bringing unprecedented experience for all users in China.

Louis Vuitton 2013 New Arrivals.Now,Louis Vuitton Leopard Series hot sale in our Louis Vuitton high quality replica bags online shop.

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