Cèline Sangles Ups The Ante, a Bit

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Is it worth celebrating a leather strap? Because I really, really want to!Sangles Spring 2017.png

We kinda like the Sangles, but we did mention that the only thing odd about the bag is the wool shoulder strap. But, the Spring 2017 collection sports a couple of colors with a strap option in full leather for crossbody wear!

It’s a minor tweak. But what’s odd is not all colors get a leather strap. Just the natural chestnut brown, and the terracota natural colorways have both a wool shoulder strap, and a full leather shoulder strap you see in this post’s pictures. All other colors only come with wool shoulder straps.


I’m sold with the Sangles. But it doesn’t feel like a Spring 2017 piece. It feels like a now piece, for all Sangles! Give us leather straps! I’d feel odd if we find Cèline trying the strap market. I have no idea why Sangles have removable straps in the first place.

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